Sheena Wright
President & Chief Executive Officer 

Madelyn Chapman
Vice President, President’s Office 

India Howard  
Manager, Volunteerism

Melina Pope
Senior Executive Assistant 

Lauren Ramsey
Senior Manager, Volunteerism 



Jacqueline Jenkins
Senior Vice President, Chief Impact & Strategy Officer

Aneesa Abdullah
Manager, EducateNYC

Lemuria Alawode-El
Senior Director, Community Building

Ana Chen
Manager, Benefits Access

Emiliya Frenkel
Manager, FeedNYC Data Systems

Rucha Gadre
Director, Benefits Access

Natalia Haimson
Senior Manager, Food Grant & Capacity Services, FeedNYC

Koreen Hayes-St. Martin
Manager, Grant Analytics

Jennifer Horan
Manager, Nutrition Programs, FeedNYC

Vanson Lee
Senior Program Coordinator, FeedNYC

Eva Mancheno
Manager, Nutrition Programs, FeedNYC

Stacey McCarthy
Associate Vice President, FeedNYC

Andre Messam
Senior Coordinator, Grant Management

Cynthia Morales
Senior Executive Assistant 

Grace Myubi
VISTA, Volunteer

Sylvia Pong
Senior Manager, Nutrition Programs, FeedNYC

Emily Rowland-Kain
Manager, Community Building

Giorgina Spadola
Senior Program Coordinator, FeedNYC

Anna Starshinina
Associate Vice President, Impact Strategy & Evaluation

Nina Simone Stovel
Manager, EducateNYC

Loresa Wright
Director, Crisis & Housing Supports 



Meaghan Brown
Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Erica Cajamarca
Director, Corporate Engagement & Individual Giving 

Gina Caputo 
Senior Director, Resource Development

Meghan Droge
Senior Manager, Individual Giving and Donor Engagement

Brock Grecco
Senior Coordinator, Resource Development

Corrina Kirby
Director, Business Development 

Andrea Lee 
Senior Associate, Corporate Engagement

Malinda Logan
Director, Corporate Engagement

Olivia Mayer
Manager, Resource Development Analytics 

Ruth Mojares 
Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility

Sandra Ngeseyan
Senior Coordinator, Resource Development  

Nicholas Pirro
Director, Corporate Engagement

Kim Pompey
Senior Director, Corporate Engagement

Addison Rothrock
Manager, Corporate Engagement

Christian Urrutia
Manager, Resource Development Operations

Shana Van Valkenburg
Manager, Corporate Engagement



Lesleigh Irish-Underwood
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Gonzales Matheson
Vice President, Experiential Marketing

Amy Garvey
Manager, Content Marketing

Myldwin Pierre
Senior Designer, Marketing & Communications

Alex Rodriguez
Associate Vice President, Communications

Sandra Rodriguez
Senior Director, Experiential Marketing

Amber Barrett
Senior Executive Assistant, Marketing & Communications and Resource Development



Wallace Bachman
Senior Vice President & Chief Talent Officer

Gina Tobar
Manager, Human Capital



Gina Goodenow
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Marvia Brown
Senior Manager, General Accounting 

Raquel DaSilva
Senior Director, Operations 

Sophia Ebanks
Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Catherine Espinal
Senior Associate, Accounts Receivable 

Koreen Hayes-St. Martin
Manager, Grant Analytics

Andre Messam
Senior Coordinator, Grants & Accounting

Okechi Nwaogu
Coordinator, Accounts Payable 

Cathy Petrucci
Associate Vice President, Assistant Controller, General Accounting

Arturo Riddick
Senior Associate, Grants & Accounting

Arielle Sauer
Senior Associate, Business Operations 

Lac Tran
Associate Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Lauren Scano
Senior Associate, Business Operations

Savon Un Yeouy
Senior Manager, Grants & Accounting



Victor Millsap
Vice President, Information Technology Services 

Jasmine Vargas 
Manager, IT Operations



Eichakeem McClary 
Vice President, Legal & Administration

Sandra Maskell
Associate Vice President, Contract Administration, Project Assurance, & Facilities

Shaun A. Mattox
Senior Associate, Facilities

Karen Underwood
Senior Associate, Administration