For Companies: How to Volunteer with Us

Set Up Your Volunteer Experience in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Submit Your Request
To ensure the best possible volunteer experience for you and your colleagues, please submit your request a minimum of 4–6 weeks before your desired project date. Please allow at least 8 weeks of planning for multiple projects or large-scale events. Check out our online calendar of available opportunities. 

Step 2: Receive Project Confirmation
Once our volunteerism team matches you with an activity, we will coordinate with you and the appropriate community-based partner(s) to develop and confirm the project, serving as liaison throughout to ensure your volunteer day is well organized.

Step 3: Recruit Your Team
Assign a company team leader to communicate volunteer assignments, details about the project, clothing recommendations, directions, etc. to employees. Be sure to recruit the number of volunteers needed for your particular project. Before you participate in your volunteer project, please complete the volunteer acknowledgment and release.

Step 4: Complete Your Project
We grately value your feedback! After you’ve completed a project with us, we invite you to complete our volunteer feedback form.