For Companies: The Volunteer Experiences We Offer

Hands-On Volunteerism

Meal Preparation and Service
Approximately 1.4 million New Yorkers don’t know from where their next meal will come. Through our FeedNYC initiative, we work to ensure that New Yorkers in need may access healthy and nutritious meals. Volunteers will team up with our FeedNYC nonprofit partners to prepare and serve meals at local soup kitchens. Volunteers needed: 5–20. 

Urban Gardening
Many low-income New Yorkers live in “food deserts”—neighborhoods with virtually no access to fresh fruits and vegetables. In an effort to address this, since 2000 our Seed Grants have helped our nonprofit partners build innovative ways, like urban farms and gardens, to bring fresh produce to where it's desperately needed. A typical urban farm provides approximately 1,200 pounds of fresh produce to its community each growing season. By planting, harvesting, composting, mulching, and weeding, volunteers will help build or revitalize a community garden. Volunteers needed: 5–15.    

Food Pantry Assistance
In New York City, 2.6 million people regularly have trouble affording food. Through our FeedNYC initiative, we partner with food pantries across the boroughs to provide low-income New Yorkers with nutritious food every week. Volunteers will team up with our FeedNYC nonprofit partners to assemble and distribute bags filled with food to pantry clients. Volunteers needed: 5–20

Packing Kits
Many of our nonprofit partners do not have sufficient funds to purchase critical educational and health-related materials for their clients. Volunteers will assemble supplies, such as literacy kits, healthy snack packs, and hygiene kits, to bring tangible comfort to New Yorkers in need. Volunteers needed: Unlimited 

Sorting Donations
Our nonprofit partners often receive high volumes of donations and need extra hands to sort and categorize them. Volunteers will help our partners get these donations out into the community by sorting, categorizing, and packing them. Volunteers needed: 20–50  


Community Drives

Back-to-School Donation Drive  
Part of our education initiative work is ensuring that low-income families have the supplies they need to make sure their children are equipped for the classroom. You and your colleagues will play a critical role in guaranteeing that all of our City’s students head back to school ready to learn. Volunteers needed: Unlimited. 

Holiday Drive  
For low-income families, imagine parents' tug between wanting to give their child a holiday gift and knowing the challenge of affording it. You and your colleagues will help ease this burden and spread the caring warmth of the holidays to families who need it most. Volunteers needed: Unlimited.    


Skills-Based Volunteering

Career Panels and Workshops
Currently, less than 30% of students graduate from high school ready for college. Volunteers will help high school students get ready for college and career by introducing them to diverse professions and career opportunities as well as offering them tips on applying to college. Volunteers needed: 5–15. 

Resume Review and Mock Interviews
Volunteers will help low-income and homeless New Yorkers seeking jobs polish their resumes and interviewing skills. Volunteers needed: 5–15. 

Volunteer Tax Assistance 
The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program provides substantial financial benefits to America’s low-income families and individuals.  Unfortunately, many New Yorkers who qualify do not apply: they don’t know about the program; they don’t know how to apply; or they are intimidated by the process. Volunteers will train for and provide free tax preparation for low-income New Yorkers to determine their eligibility for EITC. Volunteers needed: Individual opportunity. 

BoardServeNYC offers you the opportunity to take volunteerism to the next level by serving on a nonprofit board. The initiative will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective board member. Volunteers needed: Individual or group opportunity. Learn more